So, you've read the books, watched the TV shows and heard about how everyone is doing it and now you are ready to get started! And I, along with your friendly animals am here to help. These are my basics that highlight my approach and what works for me. I invite you to look them over, experiment, have fun and make up your own approach. Don't worry. Your animals know that you are only human.

Communication and How it Relates to Interspecies Harmony
The metaphysical approach to communication and to animal communication specifically is simple: Everything in the Universe is communicated through vibration and pictures. As you can see we are talking about telepathy. Yes, your 8 week old kitten is an expert at telepathic communication. It is the worldly human who has forgotten how. This is very important, as humans have added the extra complexity of language, and as such have blocked out almost everything else. Your beloved companions spend a great deal of time and trouble getting to your vibrational pattern and trying to communicate with you through this means. Now it is your turn to help them. Simplify. Breathe and meditate. Send your chosen animal a picture. Wait. See what you get back. What you will get back is either a picture, likely a response to what you sent, or a vibration that sometimes comes across as just a "feeling" or quite possibly your super conscious mind will go ahead and translate it into some words.

Example: You would like to know what your dog prefers to eat. You send him a picture of his food bowl empty. You can get back a picture of the food bowl with dog food that you somehow recognize as his favorite, you may get a separate picture, like spaghetti and meatballs, or just a knowing presence that says he prefers your meatloaf to anything else. Do not doubt this feeling. If it comes to you suddenly with no effort or reasoning from you, it is the real thing. This is the vibrational pattern of which we speak. Over time this gets much easier.

Animal Communication and How it Relates to You
We as a species are constant talkers and thinkers. We have that horribly annoying tape that babbles on in our heads incessantly and we feel we are accomplishing something by listening to it. We almost feel that we are not the origin of these thoughts, but rather these thoughts create, mold and shape us. The good news is that animals, plants, minerals, etc. do not have said annoying babble going on. They truly live in the now and just "be". Some human behaviorists suggest that animals do not reason or think because of this. Those of us who work with the animal plant or mineral kingdom have seen first hand that this is not the case. The fact that they don't have constant words going on in their head frees them up for telepathic communication and gives them a better direct line to do so. So how does this relate to you? If you wish to speak to an animal, you generally must ask a question. They will answer if they understand and think the question is relevant. They will not often ask you a question, but it may happen. More importantly, they hear the tape going on in your head almost as loudly as you do, so if you are saying something mean, angry or sad in your head they will pick up on it, and often think they are the cause of it. Another reason it is so important to be careful what you think.

Pointers for Starting Out
Start with something simple and fun. If you are nervous or upset about something you may not be able to communicate. Practice in a light-hearted way until you get the hang of it.

Most people are most concerned with communicating with their own animals at home. While I think this is important, I strongly suggest that you begin not with your own animal, but with someone else's. You have been communicating with your own animals for quite some time now and have an established vibrational pattern. It is harder to refine that than it is to try with new animals that you haven't "talked to" before. Once you start talking to your own animals you will be surprised how well you already know them.

Find a practice partner with his or her own animal and practice on each other's pets. This way you can get confirmation of what you receive telepathically.

Try very hard not to use your newly acquired animal telepathic communication as a means of discipline or punishment. If you need to know why your animal did something, just ask. You will get an answer and go from there. Create an atmosphere of trust by just listening.

If you ask a question and don't get an immediate answer, just let it go. The universe doesn't work on a linear concept of time, and you will often get so much information at once that your brain can't process it all and you will comprehend something later. So don't keep asking the same question.

Remember that everything is a positive change. Don't worry whether or not you are "getting it". Keep practicing and you will understand your own unique style. This telepathic communication can be used in all aspects of your life, not just talking to animals, so have fun and see where your skills will take you.

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