Portable generators have a remarkable ability to provide a number of benefits to people all over the world. Backup electricity units range in size and capacity, but even the smallest of portable generators can prove greatly beneficial.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from a portable generator:

1. Backup Residential Power
Portable generators can provide backup power to homeowners. Power outages are usually unexpected. Weather, environmental factors, and accidents can all play a part in creating a power outage. Sometimes even electric company planned outages can be unexpected if notifications are not properly delivered or understood. An electricity backup unit can provide electricity enough for your lights, appliances, devices, and other comforts to keep running when the power doesn't.

2. Enjoy More Recreational Luxuries
Enjoy camping and enjoying the beauties nature provides? A backup electricity unit may allow you to enjoy recreational activities even more. Power your laptop, coffee maker, portable heater, portable lights, or bug zapper. You can also charge your phone battery with the use of a portable generator. Many units are also quiet so they won't disrupt the peace of the outdoors.

3. Great for On-the-Go Adventures
Because many units are compact and lightweight they are great for adventures on the go like road trips or caravanning. A simple unit can make sure your devices are charged so you can capture the excitement of your adventures. You can hook up appliances to help you cook and heat food while out on your road trip. Another benefit to using a portable generator while adventure traveling is that, if you need to, you work while exploring. You can charge your laptop, phone, and other devices to keep in touch with the office.

4. Backup or Extra Power Onsite
Sometimes there isn't enough accessible electricity at the job site. Construction and landscape tools can easily be powered by an industrial portable generator to provide electricity for all the equipment needed for the job.

5. Backup Power for Smaller Businesses
When the electricity goes out your small business doesn't have to. A backup electricity unit can keep your devices and appliances running so your small business can keep running too.

6. Peace of Mind
Sometimes a little peace of mind in knowing you have power available if you need it is worth the investment of the unit. It is hard to know when a disaster or other cause for an electrical outage may occur. Having even a small portable generator just in case can bring peace of mind and assurance.

7. Safety in Bad Weather or Natural Disaster 
Not everything in life can be planned and properly predicted. The way your children will react when the electricity is out for a long period of time, and through the dark night, is uncertain. Backup power units can keep your lights running so your kids can stay calm. A backup power unit can also be used to run a pump, radio, or to keep your phone functioning during bad weather or natural disasters so you can provide safety and comfort in times of need.

8. Comfort during the Storm
Not only do backup power units provide safety necessities during an outage, they can provide comforts to help you stay calm and content when left in the dark. Portable generators also help keep the food in your refrigerator and freezer safe. Keeping the food in your fridge good will also save you money because you won't have to throw out and restock your food supply.

9. Help a Neighbor
A simple portable generator can help you save your neighbors and keep them comfortable too. Oftentimes we are not the only ones unprepared for a power outage. Allowing your neighbors to borrow a little electricity could help them tell a loved one they are okay or could keep them warm enough to survive cold temperatures. It could help them clear their home of flood water. It could create a greater bond in the relationship you have with your neighbors.

10. Keep Emergency Equipment Running
Hospitals rely on backup electricity to keep emergency and medical equipment working in order to keep lives safe. Portable generators can also keep in-home medical equipment you your loved one uses running so complications don't arise. Portable generators are an investment that may or may not be right for you. These benefits are to help you see the possibilities so you can better determine if the investment is beneficial to you and your needs.

There are so many varieties of portable generators out there in the market today. Finding one that is suitable for your needs can prove difficult for many reasons. Appliances, lights, tools and equipment have very different electronic operating requirements. Be sure to consult a certified generator dealer to be sure you're purchasing the right portable generator that matches your needs.

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