George Boole is a British philosopher and mathematician. He built the modern symbolic logic and the algebraic logic, now called Boolean Algebra, which is used as the basis for the design of digital computer circuits.

George Boole was born on November 2nd in Lincoln, England. His parents were named John Boole and Mary Ann Joyce. He was given a first lesson in mathematics and was also taught to create an optical instrument by his father, a shoemaker.

George has elementary school education, but little more formal and academic teaching. William Brooke, literature at Lincoln, may have helped him in teaching Latin, which he could also study at Thomas Bainbridge school.

George had to help his family when his father's business declined. At the age of 16, he has taught at a school located in Riding of West Yorkshie. He uses his free time to read.

George reads the journal of mathematics at Lincoln Mechanics Institute. He also read Isaac Newton Principia, Pierre-Simon Laplace Traite de mécanique céleste, and Joseph-Louis Lagrange Mécanique analytique and learned to solve problems in algebra. George studied deeper calculus through a mathematical book given by his acquaintances when he participated in the Lincoln Mechanics Institute founded in 1833, named Sir Edward Bromhead. He also received a text of calculus by Sylvestre Francois Lacroix obtained from George Stevens Dickson of St. Swithin Lincoln.

At the age of 20 George Boolean founded a school in Lincoln. At the age of 24 he took over the Hall's Academy at Waddington. The academy he obtained when Robert Hall who at that time the owner's status died.

In 1841, he discovered Invariant Theory, a new branch of mathematics. This mathematical theory is the source of inspiration for Albert Einstein. In 1844, he discussed the method of combining algebra and calculus through paper in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

In 1849, he worked as a professor of mathematics at Queen's College, Cork in Ireland. In 1854, he worked on algebraic logic better known as boolean algebra. In the same year he introduced a common symbolic method of logical inference through Laws of Thought.

George married Mary Everest in 1855. From the wedding they had five daughters named Mary Lucy, Magaret, Alicia, Lucy Everest, and Ethel Lilian. In 1847 he participated in building a building society.

Alicia Boole one of her daughters became a mathematician. While his brother Everest Boole became the first female professor of chemistry in England. In addition to his father's son also excel.

George was awarded the Keith Medal by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1855 and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1857. He also received an honorary degree from LL.D. from the University of Dublin and the University of Oxford.

George was one of the most influential modern mathematicians in the history of the world of calculus. He also laid the foundation for the information age. Thanks to George's contribution in mathematics it is really effective in helping designing digital computers and electronic circuits.

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