Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)
FDD has a long name Floppy Disk Drive, FDD is the place of work and as a means floppy diskette reader on the computer. Brand FDD made by the factory include Matsumi, panasonic, TEAC and epson. There are two types of FDD on the market, FDD measuring 5 1/2 inches and 3 1/4 inches. Currently FDD measuring 5 1/2 inches is rarely used, it can even say no.

If often used to store data, the data storage component chain and will work continuously so as to accelerate the damage, leakage resistor, or other damage. In addition, the current path is not smooth on the computer components can also lead to rapid deterioration. This could be due to improper installation of the diode (inverted).

FDD is made of a series of electronic components such as resistors, IC, capacitor, diode and others. LED diode serves as a sign that FDD is running. Transistor drive the motor work on a FDD. The components are equipped with mechanical devices for exit and entry of floppy disks and FDD casing as a protective component.

The circuit is also able to work to record all the data in the disc-shaped floppy disk or magnetic tape.

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