Explain the Process of The Origin of Stars
    Every year, stars are formed inside nebulae as well as a fuel. Through nuclear reactions were incredible, stars consume billions of tons of fuel every second. Hydrogen storage greatly large sun approximately 2000 billion tons so teruklir has happened since 5 billion years ago remain continuity during such period.

Birth of a star
  1. Stars are born in clouds of hydrogen and dust enormous called nebulae
  2. The explosion of a nearby star or some influence nebula and gravity begin holding role
  3. The cloud is slow lun contracted under the influence of gravity and matter will clot naturally
  4. Clouds began to rotate and the temperature increases. Embryonic stars (protostar) is formed. Shortly thereafter, the nuclear reaction occurs. 
  5. Protostar became a star that will shine up its entire stockpile of hydrogen turns into helium

Nuclear reactions in the star's core
    The pressure inside stars can generate up to 15 billion degrees tempeatur, such as the sun. With these conditions, the hydrogen nuclei (protons) Q which will be merged to form the nucleus of heavy hydrogen (devteron). The heavy nuclei will then join the other protons to form helium nuclei lighter. Akhinya, 2 light helium nuclei combine to form helium ordinary T, consisting of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. At each stage, the energy emitted in the form of light (photons).

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