WiFi signal is not strong will make our internet activities experience interruption, especially now the internet speed sequence in Indonesia was ranked less good. Many ways can be done to strengthen the WiFi signal. In the following way, enables to strengthen signal reception from WiFi networks that can be applied to Android smartphones, laptops, and other electronic goods.


Can not wait to read how to improve the WiFi signal, here's how to do it:

1. Use the Latest WiFi Technology
At present there are four types of wireless technologies available, namely A, B, G, and N. Technologies A, B, and G are old technologies that have slow speed. While N is the latest and fastest technology in terms of speed. So always use the N version to get maximum speed.

2. Stay Away from Other Electronic Devices
Not only are other routers that can interfere with signal quality, but some other electronic devices such as microwaves can also be the cause. To overcome this we can keep various electronic devices from the router. In addition we can also use dual band router in order to move the frequency easily.

3. Find the Right Position
WiFi signal can not be seen by the human eye, but the signal can be blocked if there are many walls around the router. So, always find a free position from the barrier so we can surf comfortably.

4. Use Empty Channels
If in our region there are many people who use WiFi router, then we can be on the same channel with the router so the quality of the signal decreases. Therefore choose an empty WiFi channel or a few users to avoid signal interference.

5. Bandwidth Control
If you are not alone when using WiFi, it will be slow when browsing. You can set bandwidth usage so that others do not leak bandwidth which can lead to slow connection.

6. Fix Security System
You have used a fast internet package, but it's still slow when accessed. Chances are there are others who use your WiFi connection without your knowledge. To prevent this, use a complicated password and use WPA2 encryption.

7. Use WiFi Repeater
A repeater is a device for receiving WiFi signals and then retransmits the signal more forcefully. This tool is perfect for you who receive WiFi signal is bad.

8. Using Used Cans
WiFi signal using air as penyantarnya, so the signal does not spread anywhere, you can use the used cans to determine the purpose of the signal. In addition to cans, you can also use a pot or aluminum foil.

 9. Use DD-WRT Firmware
Another way to strengthen other WiFi signals is to use the DD-WRT firmware application. The application can be used to hack the router for the signal transmitter power to be even higher.

As quoted from, although quite dangerous for the router but at least you can raise it up to 70 mW. That way, the range of our router signals will increase by more than doubled. In addition, this application also provides a variety of security options for your router.

10. Reboot or Restart Periodically
Not much different with smartphones and PCs. Routers will often experience problems when used for a long time. To avoid this, we can reboot or restart the router on a regular basis so that the router condition becomes fresh and ready to use again.

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