Planet Earth has all the natural wealth and natural resources that can be processed humans so that it can meet all the needs of human life. earth property owned by a variety of types, there are mines, there are animals and plants, there is abundant water resources, there is arable land, and so forth. This can all dioah human beings so that a resource that will be able to meet the needs of human life.

Seeing the geographic state of the planet that is different from one region to another, this causes that there are also differences regarding the resources that exist on earth. Therefore, natural wealth between one country with other countries is different. Indeed, the source of a country's wealth can be said to be very dependent on the natural state and the resources contained in it. Thus, between one country and another country also has a different wealth. The country is like a household, some are poor, some are mediocre but some are rich and very rich. Besides being supported by the ownership of natural resources, the wealth of the state can also be obtained from how the state cultivates the natural potential that exists. This makes the status of the countries of the world different about its wealth. As for this article we will discuss about the countries which are the richest country in the world. Countries in the world categorized into the richest countries in the world include the following:

Richest Country in the World
Countries can be known about the economic conditions, or whether they are rich or not they are seen from the level of income or per capita Gross Domestic Product produced annually. What is GDP per capita? It is a benchmark that can be used in determining the national income level of a country when it is shared with the population of the country in the year. On this occasion will be presented an article about the world's richest country version of World Bank or World Bank. Why should the World Bank? Because the World Bank or World Bank is a trustworthy institution in calculating the wealth of a country. Adapaun some countries categorized as the richest country is as follows:

1. Luxemburg
Perhaps we've heard of this country, but not too much about this country. The country of Luxemburg is one of the countries that exist in continental Europe. Luxembourg is not a large country, it is evident that this country is not on the list of the world's largest countries. Although the country of Luxemburg is not a big country, it is not also an influential country in the world but this Luxemburg country is a very rich country. Even Luxemburg is the country of the world's highest per capita GDP level of World Bank or World Bank. Gross Domestic Income per capita of this country reached 110. 664, 8 US Dollars or if dirupiahkan around Rp 1,438,642,400. If translated means that every citizen of this Luxemburg country has income above one billion rupiah each year.

Such per capita income is a fantastic amount, especially for a country that only has an area of ​​about 2. 586 kilometers. The country has an excellent ability to distribute its country's income to every resident. The country of Luxemburg is a country worthy of the title of the richest country, this is because in addition to high per capita income level, the country also has a low inflation rate and low unemployment rates as well. The country of Luxemburg is a country with many industrial sectors, and the most industry in the steel industry, rubber and other processed materials.

2. Norway
Next is the country of Norway. Norway is also a country where we do not hear much. Norway is a country in Scandinavia and is the other richest country in the world, number two right after the World Bank or World Bank Luxemburg. The Norwegian state is also known as the Midnight Sun Land. This is because the Norwegian state is located at the northern end of Earth. In the northern hemisphere of this Earth when summer arrives then the sun never sinks. Conversely, when winter comes the sun never appears at all. The country is located in the northern tip of this course proud of the title he achieved that is becoming the richest country in the world and is in the order of number two. This predicate is taken from per capita income data or per capita GDP, which amounted to 102. 832 US Dollars or equivalent to Rp 1,336,816,000 per year.

Norway is a country with a fairly stable economy. In addition, another added value of this country is to have a beautiful view. This is because the country is surrounded by mountains so it makes it more beautiful.

3. Qatar
Next up is Qatar. When we hear Qatar, there may be some things that come to mind. first, we will remember about the world football uniform that read Qatar Foundation. Secondly, we will remember that this country is a big oil producer. Thirdly, much has been given by the Qatari country to Indonesia, especially for Indonesian education because Qatar provides many educational scholarships for Indonesian students. Thus, the image- imege educates students of Indonesia. despite Indonesian fish gat regarding zinc uniforms in the country of Qatar. The country of Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. This version is issued by the World Bank or World Bank and is based on per capita income or per capita GDP. Qatar is one in the Middle East. As we all know that the country in the Middle East is a very large oil-producing country. The country of Qatar is located on a small peninsula in the Arabian Peninsula. The country of Qatar is adjacent to Saudi Arabia, precisely in the south. The rest of the country is limited by the Persian Gulf.

The country of Qatar is a very rich country which initially focused on fisheries and pearls. But the pearl industry from Qatar fell after the emergence of pearls cultivated in Japan, precisely in the 1920s to 1930s. The fall of Qatar's economy was over when in the 1040s transformed into the petroleum sector, because at that time has been found abundant oil mines. Petroleum and natural gas to this day became the main sector of the economy in Qatar and managed to bring Qatar as the richest country in the world. The per capita GDP of the country is 93,714.1 or equivalent to Rp 1,218,238,300. This kind of income makes this country deliver the country of Qatar into the richest country in the world.

4. Macao SAR, China
China has another name that is often used that is China. China is recently a country that is touted as a giant country. China is a country not only big in the region but also in the economy. China is at present a country that is being rivaled for the developed world, even for the United States. Products from China are products that can dominate the world market, even Indonesia even though it is an easy target for producers from China. Let us now examine the markets around us and the goods sold. Of the many types of goods certainly not difficult for us to find goods made in China, such as electronics, toys, gadgets to transportation tools though. This is what makes China or China a rich country. This rich country is based on its per capita GDP of 91.376 US Dollars. This amount is a fairly high amount when compared with the income of other countries.

5. Switzerland
Switzerland is one of the countries located in continental Europe. Just like other prosperous European countries, this country too. Switzerland is one of the most richer countries in the world. When viewed from per capita income or per capita GDP, Switzerland is ranked number five in the world. The per capita income of this country reached 84. 748 US Dollars.

6. Australia
The next richest country in the world is Australia. Australia is one of the fewest continents in the world. With the same name, these countries and continents seem to be the same territory. Australia is a country located near Indonesia. Australia is a country with high per capita income, hence the country being the richest country. Per capita income or GDP per capita of this country reached 67.463 US Dollars.

7. Sweden
Sweden is one of the world's richest countries next. the country is said to be the seventh richest country on the basis of an analysis of the World Bank or World Bank. Just like the fabric, it is based on per capita income level or per capita GDP owned by the country. And in this case the country of Sweden belongs to the ranks of rich countries. The per capita GDP or per capita rate of this country is 60.380 US Dollars.

8. Denmark
Denmark, is one of the rich countries. the wealth of this country can be measured through per capita income from the community, while the per capita income or per capita GDP is 59. 818 US Dollars. Such amounts are capable of delivering Denmark into the world's eighth richest country version of the World Bank or World Bank.

9. Singapore
Next is Singapore. Singapore is also a neighboring country of Indonesia and is the only richest ASEAN country in the world's richest nine. The country of Singapore is a very small country when viewed in terms of area. The country of Singapore is an advanced and very rich country among ASEAN member countries. ASEAN countries are mostly developing countries and Singapore is a developed country. Singapore's per capita income of 55.182 US dollars. For a small country size and a small population, such income is already a huge achievement.

10. United States of America
In the tenth place we will meet the world's largest superpower, the United States. Amerikat is very famous and also has a very strong position for various fields in the international world. Nevertheless, the United States is not the richest country in the world. This is evidenced by his position as the world's richest country ranked 10. The per capita income of this country around 53,041 US Dollars.

11. Kuwait
The country that is the 12th richest country in the world is Kuwait. Kuwait is also one of the countries in the middle eastern grove. This country became the richest country seen from the amount of GDP per capita reaching 52. 197 US Dollars. With such per capita income, Kuwait is a rich country.

12. Canada
Canada is a country located in the southern continent of America. Canada with a mapple leaf symbol on its flag is the next richest country in the world. This is seen from the amount of per capita income or GDP per capita. With a per capita income of 91. 964 US dollars, Canada was able to rank twelve World Bank calculations. In addition to rich countries, other achievements owned by Canada exist in the field of education. Canadian Education is one of the best in the world. Even the Canadian community is a society known to have a high IQ above the average human. Thus the more people who want to study in the country where Niagara waterfall is located.

13. Netherlands
Who does not know the Windmill country? The Netherlands is one of the most famous countries in the world. Its existence is a human destination in many ways such as education and tourism. The Netherlands is also called the Tulip Flower country is a country located in continental Europe. As we all know that Europe is a continent known for its prosperity. The Netherlands is a country rich in per capita income or per capita GDP of 50. 792 US dollars. With this amount, the country is ranked thirteenth version of World Bank. The Dutch economy is in the form of many developed industrial sectors. Many export commodities from the Netherlands that penetrate the international market, such as dairy products. Agriculture in the Netherlands is also advanced and famous in the world.

14. Austria
Austria is a country well known to the wider public although not as well known as countries like England, the Netherlands, France, America and others. The name of a country similar to Australia makes it widely known. Austria is a country that is not too big but rich. This is evidenced by the entry of Autsria to the list of rich countries in the world, precisely occupied the order of fourteen. The country has a per capita GDP or per capita income of 50. 510 US Dollars.

15. Ireland
Ireland is one of three countries with a similar last name. They are also among the richest countries in the world with consecutive positions. The Irish state has a GDP rate of per capita income of 50. 478 US Dollars. Such amount is a high number among other countries.

16. Finland
The second country that has a similar last name is Finnish. Finland is a country that has a high per capita income level that is categorized as a rich country. Finland is also the richest country in the world with the order of sixteen. Just like the previous countries mentioned, this version is taken from the World Bank count. Finland has a GDP of 49. 150 US Dollars.

17. Iceland
Next up is Iceland. Iceland is the seventh-placed country in the world's richest World Bank. This is based on the country's per capita income amounting to 47.349 US Dollars.

18. Belgium
Belgium is one of the countries located in continental Europe. Belgium is a country famous for its fantastic chocolate-smelling food. There are even prominent dairy producers who deliberately install the taste of Belgian chocolate. This is evident that Belgian chocolate is the preferred by the community. Belgium is not a large country, but it is a rich country. Its wealth can be proved by the amount of GDP per capita it earns. Total GDP per capita of Belgium is 46. 929 US Dollars. This makes Belgium ranks eighteen as the richest country in the world.

19. German
Is a very famous country and is a very advanced country. Germany is a country famous for its technological advancements. Technology in Germany is much more advanced than in Indonesia. Germany is a country located in continental Europe where this country also belongs to the richest country in the world. The country's GDP or per capita income is 46.251 US Dollars.

20. United Arab Emirates
Commonwealth Arab countries are known as rich countries. Countries located in the Middle East are countries that have a lot of abundant petroleum mines. Not only Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also the United Arab Emirates. The country has a GDP per capita rate equivalent to 43.048 US Dollars.

21. France
Very well known as an up to date country, especially in the field of fashion delivering France was crowned as the Fashion world. France is a dream for fashion designers and fashion lovers in the world. The citizens of this country know the fashion well. France is also the birthplace of world-renowned fashion designers. In addition to achieving in fashion, the country is also a member of the world's 25 richest countries. Per capita GDP is worth 42.560 US Dollars.

22. New Zealand
New Zealand or known as New Zealand is the richest country in the world next with the calculation of per capita income of 41.824 US Dollars.

23. English
Black Country is the nickname for England, why is that? This is because black smoke always colored the sky of England in ancient times. This black smoke is industrial smoke, because the country is very advanced in the field of industrinya. With the advancement of this industry to deliver this country is able to design GDP per capita which senailai with 41.781 US Dollars.

24. Japan
Who does not know Japan? The country's creator of super-sophisticated equipment in Asia is a very famous country. Many electronic equipment and even transportation made in Japan that penetrate the world market mmapu. The inhabitants are also intelligent people. This is rumored because Japanese residents like to consume marine fish. The country has a per capita income level of 38.633 US Dollars.

25. Brunei Darussalam
Finally there is Indonesia's neighbor which is a very small country in its territory. Like Singapore, Brunei Darussalam is also a small country. Although this small country has an oil and natural gas mine it is capable of delivering per capita income equal to 38.635 US dollars.

Well that's the information about the world's richest countries of the World Bank or World Bank pertitugan version. The narrated countries have been ranked from the largest GDP per capita holders. If we look at the top of the list, more dominated by countries in the continent of Europe. But the Asian continent is not lost because many of the countries that originated from the continent of Asia as the largest continent in the world. Selian rely on the available natural wealth, natural wealth is also sourced from the processing undertaken by the country.

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